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Fantasy Rose™ (Limited Edition)

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We dream of a breathtaking fantasy rose symbolizing eternal love that perseveres through all adversities, enduring passion that expresses genuine affection, and perpetual beauty which ultimately remains in our hearts forever. The fantas y rose is elegant, beautiful, and enchanting. It is a reminder of the beauty and love you share.


Its petals are intricately designed to glimmer your sign of appreciation with holographic leaves and peduncle made up of polyethylene 24K gold plating. Handcrafted by professionals with exquisite precision and high quality materials meant to last a lifetime!


Be enchanted, mesmerized, and captivated. It will never be wither, fade, or die. This rose is like the forever love between you AND your loved one.  According to our customers it is the prefect gift, superior in quality and they are 100% satisfied!

The fantasy rose is the perfect gift for your special someone to show your sincere love. Our Fantasy Rose is perfect because of the deeper meaning behind it. We have created a rose that is unwithering embellished with luminous lights and covered with a gold-dipped stem finish.

It will never wither, fade, or die just like the long-lasting love between you and your loved one. The one of a kind gift to express your "Thank you" and "I love you" during your special day! Be it Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary/Monthsary or Birthday. 

 What are they made of?

The process by which our roses are crafted is very unique! First, we take the roses that are grown from our farms in Ecuador and use a special technique that freezes them and make them into molds. We then use the frozen moldings as a model to replicate thousands of unique Fantasy Roses that live forever.

Finally, we cover them in an iridescent holographic coating to make the rose and petals sparkle in the light. Then we hand place each iridescent holographic coated petal which makes the roses look so eye-catching!

Each rose is one of a kind and made to last a lifetime so your loved one will be reminded every single day just how much they mean to you!

A gift with deep meaning of faith and love. Amaze the love of your life with the gift of a FANTASY ROSE, and give them the token of love they TRULY deserve. 


There is limited stock due to recent high demand during the Valentines week. Based on experience, the replenished stock typically runs out quickly. We highly recommend you secure your order as soon as possible. What are you waiting for, get yours now!

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